FizzButter Affiliate Marketing Program

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Earn Cash Just By Referring Others to Our Site

Q:  Would you like to make some extra money at no cost to you? 

A:  Join our free affiliate program today and make extra cash by referring your friends and colleagues to us. 

Affiliate marketers can make a great income by promoting products and services that they love.

Make money easily with our program.

1)  Receive 10% commission. 

2)  You need a Paypal account to receive payment.

3)  Get paid when you accumulate $25 in commissions.

4)   We ship bath products anywhere in the United States & Puerto Rico. 

5)  Not valid for paid advertising when the word "Fizzbutter" or "Fizz Butter" is used.  (i.e. you cannot place a Google adwords ad with the word FizzButter as a keyword.)

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The affiliate links tracks every referral click from your site or link so that when someone that you referred purchases FizzButter products from us, you automatically get credited with the commission. 

You also get real-time statistics and affiliate reports where you can track how much money your making on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Your unique affiliate link can be used anywhere you want, so you can put it up on your website, set it as your email signature, or just tell your friends about it.

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